ISSA Thought Leadership Series: Your Hygiene is Showing-Improving Risk Posture

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 | 1PM - 2PM EST


Cyber hygiene is the flossing of cybersecurity — something we all know we should do, but regularly ignore. While it may be more exciting to get the latest silver bullet to solve a zero-day problem, improving processes to better leverage what you already have will go further in protecting against the next cyberattack.

In this webinar, a panel of industry experts and thought leaders will discuss:

* Why establishing a single source of truth across your organization’s entire infrastructure is crucial managing hygiene processes

* What’s needed to bridge the gap between technologies and teams and to get full value from security investments

* How prevention strategies should be balanced and aligned with detection and response

* The importance of cyber resilience in the era of continuous compromise

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