SV-ISSA CCSP Review Program

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Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. PDT (UTC -7) beginning April 7th
When an ISSA Meeting falls on the same day as class, class will not be held in lieu of the Chapter Meeting.


This is an online event. 



SV-ISSA Education Director 


SV-ISSA CCSP Review Program 

The Silicon Valley Chapter ISSA intends to present instructor-led sessions reviewing the (ISC)² CCSP Official Study Guide, 2nd Edition in conjunction with the (ISC)² Official Practice Tests, 2nd Edition. There are currently 6instruction sessions over a three week period.  1 makeup session and 1 Practice Test Questions session will be added to the schedule in addition to the actual coursework.

Optimal target dates begin April 7th (Wednesday) and April 29th (Thursday) evenings from 6 to 9 p.m.

Visual materials and technical content will be provided to each coach from official materials and can be curated to suit by the Coach.

Video Conferencing considerations: 

In-person classroom sessions will not be possible this year. Videoconferencing will suffice.

  • The program is instructor-led as opposed to ‘distance learning’ or recorded sessions
    • Feedback from previous students and coaches underscore the value of live question and answer dynamics
    • The 6 Sessions and 2 optional Sessions will remain at three hours duration served twice weekly for four weeks
    • The platform will be a web-conferencing program
    • A moderator for each web conference session will support the Coach and students
      • Most importantly to monitor the chat window for questions from the students
      • Admin the waiting room
      • Proctor in-class quizzes
      • Attendance, fees, guests and auditors, audio and video control
      • Security includes: 
        • Moderator intervention
        • Pre-registration
        • Waiting room
        • Password
        • Video participation required to authenticate participants
        • Disable
          • file transfer
          • ’join before’ host
          • ‘allow removed participants to rejoin’







April 1, really 


Dry run to set up 

Coaches invited

Wed 4/7

Domain 1

Architectural Concepts


Thu 4/8

Domain 2

Design Requirements


Wed  4/14

Domain 3

Data Classifications


Thu 4/15 

Domain 4

Cloud Data Security


Wed 4/21

Domain 5

Security in the Cloud


Thu 4/22

Domain 6

Responsibilities in the Cloud


Wed 4/28 


Session content to be determined by class


Wed 4/29 

Practice Test

Official Questions and Answers



Study Halls


Coaches invited


















Course Materials

  • (ISC)² CCSP Official Study Guide and Official Practice Tests retail for about $60 and $40 each and are not provided by SV-ISSAPerhaps linked from other ISSA Chapters such as well