Building higher confidence in third party cyber risk management

Tuesday, July 21, 2020 - 6:00pm

As more organizations have strengthened their cyber risk management, adversaries have shifted focus to third party ecosystems that historically have weaker defenses. To better manage these challenges, Delta Dental of California has built an adaptable third party risk assurance capability. It uses an innovative approach that tailors rigor and frequency of testing based on the impact and nature of each business relationship. It also incorporates threat intelligence to efficiently allocate valuable talent. Join us to learn how to apply these principles within your organization.


Kay Naidu

Kay Naidu
Director, Cyber Risk Operations, Delta Dental of California

Kay Naidu is a dynamic leader recognized for her ability to build and deliver cybersecurity services that support customer acquisition and retention efforts. She has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and financial services, focusing on technology risk management and audit. She has also held leadership roles at professional organizations that influence industry practices. By developing consistent and repeatable assurance frameworks that align with corporate objectives, customer requirements, and the evolving regulatory landscape, she instils confidence and trust in stakeholders.

Kay developed an innovative approach to integrating security into the quality management system for Baxter International, a leading medical device manufacturer. She developed and delivered new approaches that identified key and emerging risks at USAA and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. In 2019 her team won the CSO50 award for their Adaptive Third Party Risk Assurance project. She is currently on a leadership rotation and oversees the Identity Access Management and Cybersecurity Operations teams.


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