Cybersecurity & Agility with Network Security Policy Orchestration

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 - 6:00pm

The agility of DevOps and scalability of the cloud is an incredible combination for the business. New products are brought to market faster than ever before, with infrastructure spun up or down in seconds. However, with this agility and business-created urgency, security is seen as an impediment and often falls by the wayside. Security needs to meet the agility of DevOps and avoid the manual misconfigurations during cloud deployments – the same mistakes that reach the headlines on a weekly basis. It’s time for organizations to empower both IT and security teams through automation, and enhance the overall agility and security of the business. Network Security Policy Orchestration enables an organization with agility while incorporating security through automation as a “shift left” solution. The cybersecurity team can meet the speed of the business and DevOps while ensuring continuous compliance with regulatory, internal audit, and corporate security policies.


 Ron Kehoe

Ron Kehoe

Senior Solutions Engineer, Tufin, brings over 30 years of experience in security solutions architecture and consulting across the financial, insurance, government, and defense industries. Ron has managed and worked alongside technically diverse teams to secure critical infrastructure, meet or exceed audit and regulatory demands, and design and manage incident response processes. Ron currently serves as a technical consultant and advisor to prospective and current Tufin customers seeking solutions and methods for effective network security management incorporating policy-driven automation.