Formal Methods and a mathematical proof of zero bugs in code

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 - 5:00pm

Formal methods play a crucial role in raising the security and safety level of firmware, which is an essential component of modern computing systems. Firmware, being the low-level software responsible for controlling hardware devices, presents unique challenges due to its direct interaction with critical system functionalities. This talk highlights the importance of employing formal methods as a means to enhance the security and safety aspects of firmware development. By providing mathematical rigor and systematic analysis, formal methods enable the detection and prevention of security vulnerabilities, backdoors, and safety hazards. Incorporating formal methods into the firmware development process is crucial for building robust, trustworthy systems that safeguard against cyber threats and ensure user safety.

Event Timeline

  • 5 pm Networking
  • 5:45 pm ISSA Announcements
  • 6 pm Presentation
  • 7 pm - 9 pm Dinner & Drinks

Benjamin Monate was born in Drancy, France. A graduate of École Normale Supérieur de
Cachan with a PhD from University of Paris 11, Benjamin joined the CEA, the
French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission, after one year of teaching at
École Polytechnique. Benjamin served as head of the laboratory, leading the lab’s scientific
and financial advancement. In addition, he co-invented the technology that would later serve
as the basis of TrustInSoft Analyzer, spearheading the development of the product himself. In
May 2013, Benjamin co-founded TrustInSoft, where he currently serves as the CTO.






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Establish trust in the devices that power and run your business. Eclypsium’s supply chain security platform builds trust in your core technology by identifying, verifying, and fortifying the infrastructure code in enterprise software, firmware, and hardware. The hidden threats to infrastructure code, and the devices they power, go much deeper than many people think. Some vulnerabilities are built right into the chips, or added when the low-level code is programmed to give your device “life.” These threats, which happen along the digital supply chain, are impossible to find, without objective, third-party research that holds every manufacturer, supplier, coder, and even user at your company accountable.



In-person venue

Microsoft Silicon Valley Campus

1045 La Avenida St


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