Human Security Engineering: Stop Relying on the Failed Human Firewall

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 6:00pm

While the main perception is that the “user problem” is due to a malicious party trying to trick well intentioned users, users who are unaware, apathetic, careless, etc., are more likely to be the cause of loss. Either way, the cybersecurity industry realizes this and develops tactics such as awareness, MFA, DLP, etc. to mitigate the problem. Despite all of these tactics, 90%+ of all losses result from attacks targeting users. This presentation is a comprehensive strategy to address the insider threat, whether it results from malicious or well-meaning insiders.

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* Why traditional awareness programs fail
* What is the nature of the most common cybersecurity attacks
* How to really address the people problem in cybersecurity
* Adopting other sciences to cybersecurity to address the user problem

Dr. Tracy Celaya Brown, Senior Manager of Global Program Management for Iron Mountain Data Centers

Dr. Tracy Celaya Brown, aka “Dr. Tre,, For over 20 years she has spearheaded programs for information security, I.T., organizational development, and change management. Clients consider her their “Secret Weapon” as she helps organizations define & implement their strategic initiatives, including security strategy, and develop a solid organizational culture of security. Committed to making the digital world more secure and influencing the next wave of IT and Security professionals, “Dr. Tre” is also a USAF veteran, facilitator, researcher, recognized author, innovative leader, and international award-winning speaker.


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