The real cyber battlefield is for ‘hearts and minds’.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 6:00pm

The real cyber battlefield is for ‘hearts and minds’. Our enemies are good at as shown by Russian voter influence and ISIS propaganda. US efforts don’t appear to be nearly as successful, this session explores the fragmentation between cyberspace operations and Psychological Operations (PSYOP).


 Lawrence Dietz

Lawrence Dietz

is General Counsel of TAL Global where Tal Global’s international business has given him extensive experience in international contracts. Prior to joining TAL Global Dietz served in senior roles at Symantec Corporation to include Director of Market Intelligence and Global Public Sector Evangelist. He retired as a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. His degrees include BS in BA, MBA, JD, LLM in European Law. He is the author of the authoritative Blog on Psychological Operations (PSYOP), He is a member of the Bar of the US Supreme Court, California and the District of Columbia. COL (R) Lawrence D. Dietz retired as Colonel, US Army Reserve where he served in several PSYOP assignments to include: Information Operations Officer, US SOCOM; Deputy Commander CJICTF, Bosnia; 12th PSYOP BN Commander. He was elected Honorary Colonel of the PSYOP Regiment of the US Army in 2003 and writes