Software Container Supply Chain Risk from a Developer's Perspective

Tuesday, September 21, 2021 - 6:00pm

Software Supply Chain risk has quickly become the topic of the day with the fallout from the Solar Winds hack among others being a prime example of the risks of malicious code being inserted upstream in the software supply chain. The question for hands-on practitioners is what does this mean from a practical, ground level, developer’s perspective? In this presentation, we delve deep into practical demonstrations of common container security issues and offer practical solutions. We will demonstrate container vulnerabilities, showcase examples of how they can be exploited through a variety of exploits, discuss the landscape of tools to identify them and offer practical grounded advice for improving basic container security.



Rajeev Thakur:

Rajeev is a cloud-native, DevOps, and cybersecurity expert with extensive experience building large distributed systems using the latest technologies. Rajeev is an accomplished software architect with many years of hands-on experience - deep in the trenches - and he has built over 50 successful products and delivered them to the market. Most recently, he is the CTO and co-founder of RapidFort, a startup in the container security space.





Russ Andersson:

Russ is an experienced startup executive heading commercialization efforts at RapidFort. He has been an investor in several successful startups and the co-founder of Eden Ventures. This experience has given him perspective into the problems that enterprises are facing today. Russ is the Chief Commercial Officer of RapidFort.


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