Visibility as a buzzword: defining a strategy in a “Cloud” age.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 6:30pm

Many mature and sophisticated security teams are taking a ‘back-to-basics’ approach to security. In this talk, we will discuss what visibility has meant in the past and how it has and will continue to evolve based on technology convergence in the future. As the recent explosion in technology, adoption has created a wave of new security hardware/software purchases many issues faced by security teams are still rooted in a lack of security fundamentals including the basic need to acquire visibility on the activities and assets you are trying to protect. Stories and examples given will show activity which appears suspicious when it is actually normal. Showing not so obvious way where gaps exist? And why does it matter and what threat does it pose to your organization?


 Rob Fry

Rob Fry

is an accomplished executive, architect, inventor and public speaker with 20+ years of experience working with tech in an array of fields. In his current role as VP of Engineering for JASK, he gets to work on his passion for the cybersecurity space where he oversees the engineering team who specializes in developing tools for SOC operations, security automation, threat detection, data analytics, machine learning, and cloud security. Previous to JASK, Rob was the Cloud Security Architect at Netflix, where he invented FIDO, a patented open source SOC replacement platform while also helping them move their data center operations to AWS. In his free time, he enjoys mentoring college students and guiding startups through technical validation and growth as an advisory